Richard Freemantle's* signature appears on the marriage certificate of his half-sister,
F1/2.[1]4Eliza* to Thomas Derbyshire*, on 9.7.1832 in Grahamstown.
No further record has been traced until, five years later, when the second marriage of Richard Freemantle* took place at St.Mary's Anglican Church in Port Elizabeth.  An extract of the entry reads:
'No: 163 - married on 18.12.1837, Richard Freemantle, widower of Port Elizabeth to Elizabeth Anna Hall, Spinster of Port Elizabeth.'
Elizabeth Hannah Hall* was the daughter (one of seven children) of Benjamin Hall* and Francis Sophia Hall*, Settlers from Bath, Somerset in Willson's party on 'La belle Alliance'.  Her father was a farmer and a carpenter and they had a residence on West Hill, Grahamstown.
[It is not known when Richard (or his wife - with her family?) moved to Port Elizabeth, but from the dates given previously, it was probably between 1832 and 1837]
From this marriage of Richard Freemantle to Elizabeth Hannah Hall there were two daughters and two sons, born between 1838 and 1843.  On the birth certificate of the last born, George Richard Freemantle*, it is stated 'son of the late Richard Freemantle' so, presumably, Richard had died sometime towards the end of 1842 and the first half of 1843.  No more exact information in this regard has come to hand and it is not known at this time the cause of his death at forty years of age (or possibly aged 47).
The four children of this second marriage of Richard Freemantle to Elizabeth Hannah Hall are as follows:
F5/3.[2]1 Ellen Ann Freemantle   born 1838 in Port Elizabeth
F5/3.[2]2 Frances Elizabeth Freemantle  born1840 in Port Elizabeth
F5/3.[2]3 Robert John Freemantle born 1841(?)
F5/3.[2]4 George Richard Freemantle (1st) born 1843 in Port Elizabeth.
and details of this generation are shown in the family section F.F.5 Richard(2nd)'s Afrikaner Descendants.
[Note: George Richard Freemantle's baptism certificate reads:

Baptised 21.4.1844, George Richard, son of the late Richard and Elizabeth Hannah Freemantle (date of birth 4.6.1843) in Grahamstown Cathedral.  Abode - Port Elizabeth - by John Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain.]
Elizabeth Hannah Freemantle nee Hall married a second time, to a Mr. Russell.  They lived in Donkin Hill, Port Elizabeth and there was one child of this marriage, John, who died in Port Elizabeth.