Richard Freemantle's* children, three from his first marriage and three from the second, were:
F2/2.[1][2] Richard Freemantle, (2nd) * (1796 or 1803-1843 or 1844).  See under his individual section to follow.
F1/2.[1](2) John Freemantle,*  (1806 or 1807-1822)His early death is also recorded under Sections F2/2[1][2] and/or F6/2[1][9] (i.e. those of his older and younger brothers).
F6/2.[1][9] Samuel Freemantle,* (1802 or 1809-1879) His life and descendants will be found under Section F6/2.[1][9],  which follows after our direct line of Eric Freemantle F4/5.[4][5], and his sons, John F4/6.[5][6], Lennox F4/6[5].[7] and Christopher F4/6.[5][8] and the other descendents of Richard(II)'s second marriage in section F.F.5]
Children from the marriage of Richard Freemantle and Sarah Kent were:
F1/2.[1](4) Eliza Freemantle, * (1815-     ).  She was the fourth child of Richard Freemantle(1)* and the first child of his second marriage, to Sarah Freemantle nee Kent.  She was born in 1815 in London(?) and emigrated to the Cape Colony with her father and the family, aged 5, in Mahoney's party on the 'Northampton'. 
After the killing of her father by Xhosa on 23.8.1822, her widowed mother found it very hard to support her young family, but tried to do so with her needlework in 1823.  Shortly after this it is known that they moved into Grahamstown from the location of Mahoney's party at the 'Coombs' near the Clay Pits and her half-brother, Samuel, took care of his stepmother and the children.  Her mother remarried, wedding a man called Joseph Stevens, who was recorded on the shipping lists as a 'husbandman' and was one of the Settlers in White's party on 'Zoraster'.  Her children were greatly displeased by this marriage and her brother, George remained in the home of his step-brother, Samuel, but it is not known definitely, only presumed, that she would have remained with her mother and new husband, since Eliza was still a young girl.  Her mother had two further children of this marriage; they were Joseph Stevens and Isabella Stevens.   
Eliza Freemantle* was married on 9.7.1832 in the Anglican Church Grahamstown to Thomas Derbyshire*, who was possibly born in 1790 as on the shipping lists his age was given as 30, so it would seem there was a twenty-five year difference in their ages. [However M.D.Nash in 'Settler Handbook' gives his age as 24]  He was listed as a gardener; he was a Settler in Hayhurst's party on 'John' and this party was located in Trappes Valley.
This was a party of 107, organised in Lancashire by Whitley & Company of Liverpool.  Mr. Whitley did not embark and Richard Hayhurst of that firm led the party, which sailed from Liverpool in January 1820, reached Table Bay in April, Simon's Bay also in April and Algoa Bay in May, 1820.  Their location, named Trappes Valle', after Capt. Charles Trappe, 72nd Regiment, Provisional Magistrate of Bathurst, was inadequate.  Divisions of the party were placed on extensions of the location between it and the Kap River and were directed by David Cawood, William Griffiths, and James Murray.  Another division, under George Watson was accommodated between Osler's and Cock's parties' locations.
From this marriage of Eliza Freemantle*  to Thomas Derbyshire there were four children:
c.1. Sarah Derbyshire, born 1833 at Grahamstown
c.2. Elizabeth Derbyshire, born 1836 at Grahamstown
c.3. James Derbyshire, born 1837 in Grahamstown
c.4. William Derbyshire, born 8.10.1842 in Cradock
[For further information on Hayhurst's party on 'John' refer to the family connections in FF 7, for the CAWOOD  and  HARTLEY families.]
F7/2.([1][10]) George Freemantle,*  (1818-1878).  See his individual Section  
F7/2.([1][11])Thomas Freemantle,  (1822-1886).  See his individual Section