F1/1.[1]  Richard Freemantle.*   =     (1ST) Elizabeth Mitchell.
          (1781/3? - 1822)          [m.1802]    (  ?   - 1809/14)
       (or 1771? More likely)
                                                        =      (2nd) Sarah Kent.
            [m. 1814]           (1789 -  ? )
Richard Freemantle* was probably the son of another Richard Freemantle and his wife, Ann, who lived in Headley, Hampshire, although this has not been established beyond doubt and he may have been born in Portsea, near Southampton, which is where he was married.
If Richard and Anne were his parents, then Richard, the original Settler, was quite likely to have been born in 1771 and christened on 28.6.1771 at Headley, Hampshire [Source: IGI - from Sarah Day] If he was the son of Richard and Anne Freemantle then his siblings were, Samuel (christened 19.2.1777) [IGI 948]; William (christened 29.3.1765) [IGI 1123] and Helena (christened 8.9.1769) [IGI unknown] [Parish Church of Headley Hamps.  Computer print out of Headley, Hamps.  Batch Nos: 13270/1/2]
However, the shipping and other lists regarding the Settlers give his age in 1820 as about 38/40 but these would appear to be in error as he would then have been only 14 or younger at the time of his first marriage.  So, born in 1771 and aged 24 at marriage and aged 49/50 when he emigrated seems much more likely.
[On my original record there was shown a Richard Freemantle, born 24.6.1771 at Headley Heath, but I could not trace a place of this name.  However, there are two towns/villages in Hampshire called Headley, one is on the A339 between Newbury and Kingsclere and the other, which is a bit nearer Southampton, is on a minor road, the B3002, south of Farnham and north of Petersfield, near Alton]
On the other hand the Freemantle family had been known in the area around Southampton for many generations and from the register of St. Mary's Church in Portsea certain dates and other facts have been ascertained as follows:
The record of the marriage of Richard Freemantle to Elizabeth Mitchell on 1.11.1795 shows that the witnesses were William Bramoelle and Hannah Plummer. [page 270].  There are a considerable number of entries in the name of Mitchell and this family would appear to have been well established in that neighbourhood.

Extract from Ruth May's email dated 18th October 2007:
My cousin Glyn, who is helping me over copying the family photos, assisted in deciphering the note on the back of the picture of Samuel, sent by Margaret Nerine Humphries  to Andrew May (on 7/9/2007) and which probably comes from his diary as it starts ….   “His Book Sept 1844”  …  and this is how we think it reads:
“Richard Freemantle my father was killed aged 47 years by the Kaffirs (different spelling, but I don’t have it in front of me) with John my brother, aged 16 years, 10 months and 11 days.  They died 28th August, 1822”
  1. if he was 47 in 1822 he would have been born in 1775
  2. but the Richard, son of Richard and Anne, was born in 1771 and christened on 28.6.1771 at Headley, Hampshire [Source: IGI - from Sarah Day] with siblings William (29.3.1765), Helena (8.9.1769) and Samuel (19.2.1777)
  3. the shipping lists in 1819/20 give Settler Richard’s age as either 38 (i.e. born 1781/2) or aged 40 (born 1780/1781) but these ages were probably incorrect in order for him to appear to be younger and more suitable for migration.
  4. His son Samuel was the most reliable of the family and I feel that a certain amount of credence should be given to his dating but where to find a Richard born in 1775?