Fremantle / Freemantle Relationship

Within our family in South Africa, it was always maintained that there was no relationship between the two families whose names are spelt differently.  This no doubt may have been a sort of inverted snobbery on our part!  The reason to cast doubt on this contention is that both families claim to be descended from 'a gentleman from Hants.' [He was a merchant in Lisbon] and also because of the duplicate claims to place names in Southampton, which is where the South African roots lie, Richard Freemantle, the 1820 Settler's first marriage taking place there in 1802, prior to his emigrating with his second wife and family.

Also of some interest are all the familiar place names close to the port of Fremantle, such as Cottesloe and Swanbourne; also Hampton Road.  In addition, on the street signs throughout the town, the Fremantle crest is to be seen, which is of the lion's head mounted on a fish tail, the head being exactly the same as the lion on old family silver items belonging to the Freemantle families in South Africa.  Beneath the family coat of arms is the motto 'nec prece nec pretio' which roughly translated means 'neither by entreaty nor reward' and this may explain the rather stubborn streak found in most members of the family!

From the Church Registers at PORTSEA, Portsmouth, England, prior to 1820, were traced the names of what appear to be two brothers, [generation and descent unknown; marked '?']


(1)Robert Freemantle (married to Hannah). They had two children:



(?)  Joseph, baptised 16.8.1777, Headley, Hampshire.



(?)  James, baptised 5.1.1780, Headley, Hampshire.


(2)Richard Freemantle (married to Ann). They had five children:



(?)William (married Ann Lewis on 16.8.1803, Portsea). They had three children:




(i)  William, baptised 6.9.1803, Portsea.




(ii) Maria, baptised 19.10.1806, Portsea.




(iii)John, baptised 19.7.1806, Portsea.








 (Possibly ? but not likely) Ann, on 23.4.1775, baptised at Stepney St. Mary, Whitechapel, London.



(?)Richard (married 1st. Elizabeth Mitchell). See 1.[1] below




The following four names were of the children of Richard and Ann Freemantle of Headley, Hampshire:




 (?) William c. 29.3.1765, Headley, Hampshire




 (?) Helena christened 8.9.1769, Headley, Hampshire




 (?) Richard, born 1771, christened 28.6.1771, Headley, Hampshire




 (?) Samuel, christened 19.2.1777, Headley, Hampshire.