A simplified Family history of the Fremantle family
John Fremantle married Catherine Carter and went to live in Lisbon.
John Fremantle (1705-1766) married Maria Teresa de Castro.  He was a merchant in Lisbon.
John Fremantle Secretary of Customs. Died 30.12.1766
John Fremantle (1737-1784) married Frances Edwards. (of Aston Abbotts Court, Buckingham.)
They had 7 children:  c.1. John Edwards Fremantle, married 1790 Catherine, daughter of Robert Henley, 1st Lord Ongley; died 1798; c.2. Stephen Francis Fremantle married Albinia Frances, daughter of Sir John Jeffreys of Blarney Castle, died 1794. c.3. Thomas Francis Fremantle, born 1765, married Elizabeth Wynne; died 1819. c.4. William Henry Fremantle married in 1797 Selina, daughter of Sir John Elwell Bart.; relict of Felton Harvey.  He died 1850. c.5. Frances Henrietta Freemantle, married in 1790 Hon & Rev. Archibald Cathcart; died 1821. c.6. Marianne Fremantle married Charles Bishop. C.7. Sarah Bridget Fremantle married in 1797 Vice Admiral Wells.
Thomas Francis Fremantle (1765-1819), later Admiral Fremantle, married Elizabeth Wynne (1779-1857).  (She kept the dairies from childhood and until her death, that were later found in the attic of the family home, then edited by the wife of her great grandson and printed as books.) They had six children.
Thomas Francis Fremantle, (the second Admiral Fremantle, after whom the port in Western Australia is named) 1st Baronet, 1st Lord Cottesloe, (1798-1890) married Louisa Elizabeth Nugent.  They had eight children. c.1. Thomas Francis Fremantle, born 1830, died 1918, married Augusta Henrietta Scott, daughter of Earl of Eldon and others.  Thomas Francis Fremantle had a son of the same name who married Florence Annie Alexandra Tapling, a grandson, John Walgrave Fremantle (born 1900, married 1926 Elizabeth, daughter of Earl of Malmesbury) and great grandson John Tapling Fremantle (born 1927)
Edmund Robert Fremantle (1836-1929) married Barbarina Isaacs.  They had six children.
Sydney Robert Fremantle (1867-1958) married Leila Fremantle.
 Some background information taken from the start of 'The Wynne Dairies':
Thomas Freemantle went to sea at the age of 11 and had already seen a good deal of service, mostly in the West Indies, when this story begins.  As a Midshipman in Phoenix, he was cast away on the coast of Cuba in the great hurricane of 4 October 1780; and three years later was taken prisoner when the sloop Tickler in which he was serving as a lieutenant fell a prize to the French 64-gun ship Triton, but he was soon exchanged for a French officer.
He was at home and temporarily unemployed when, in January 1788, he began to correspond regularly with his brother William who was then (aged 19) in Dublin as private secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, their patron the Marquis of Buckingham.  Tom was being initiated into the pleasures of London by his eldest brother John, a captain in the Coldstream Guards and equerry to the Duke of York