Geographical notes:
Fremantle Park, near Kingsclere.  This town lies at the junction of the A339 and the B3051  (Road Atlas page 54 Dc)
Fremantle Farm lies south east of Kingsclere and north east of Whitchurch, quite near to Basingstoke and is clearly marked on the map as Freemantle. It lies between North Oakley and Ashe Warren. (Road Atlas page 54 Dc).
Steane. (Shown on the map with an'e' at the end).  This lies just off the A422, between Brackley and Banbury and is very close to Hinton in the Hedges (see note 8).  (Road Atlas page 92 Db).
Brackley lies to the east of Buckingham on the A422. (Road Atlas page 92 Db and 93 Ab).
Morton Pinkley lies north east of Banbury and directly north of Brackley on the B4525. (Road Atlas page 92 Da)
Leckhamstead.  Going more or less towards the east, one goes from Banbury to Brackley, to Buckingham, Winslow, Leighton Buzzard and then across to Luton.  (See note 11) (Road Atlas page 93 Bb).
Brackley would have been the main, central town of the places mentioned in connection with this branch of the family.
(See note 3) Hinton in the Hedges is actually much closer to Brackley than the considerably smaller Aynho (no 'e' on the map), which lies south west of Hinton in the Hedges.
Aynhoe. (See note 8)
Moreton Pinkney.  (See note 5) (Road Atlas page 92 Da).
Ashton Abbot lies just off the A418 to Aylesbury (12), south east of Leighton Buzzard and directly east of Luton.
When visiting this area [Leighton Buzzard] in the 1960's, Eric Freemantle (1896-1972) was told by a local farmer that the Fremantle family had lived in those parts for generations
Aylesbury (see note 11)
Melksham lies to the east of Bath.
Alassio.  This town or city's whereabouts has not been traced.
Holly Grove. This town, too, has not been traced but, presumably, it is within Great Windsor Park.
 [Note: Freemantle is also the name of a parish in the district of Winchester near Southampton and is the name of a place in Hants, too, where Henry II built 'a great castle.']